Is it used clothes?

All our clothes are purchased directly from the suppliers we work with. We buy nothing secondhand or similar. This is so that we can guarantee the quality, know how clothes have been treated, etc.

Do I need to wash your clothes?

No. Are you in Åre so just leave your clothes to us and we take care of everything. Have you received the clothes sent to you and should return them. Then you should make sure that the clothes are dry before you pack them, and returns them to us.

What happens to the clothes after I left them back?

We always wash all clothes after they have been used. However, we have different programs depending on how “dirty” they are. After we check over so that they are not in need of repair or similar. We use only water-based detergent from Nikwax, the only exception is that we use wool detergent from both Woolpower and Nikwax.

Do you sell out your clothes for the season? Yes and no. We try to always use clothes as long as they are in good enough condition to be able to meet our quality requirements. Clothes that do not we donate to relief organizations, centers for new arrivals etc. But a small part we sell.

Can I buy the clothes I feel comfortable with them?

Yes. Of course, you get to keep your clothes if it is so that you feel comfortable with them. Then simply contact us to get price (You can deduct the rental cost *)

If I am not in place of / passing Åre, I can still rent?

Yes. We ship to all over Sweden and also has partners in different locations where you can pick up clothes and equipment.

If I’m not able to get past the premises in Åre?

From Vålådalen to Storulvån and in Åre we make home deliveries without the need to pre-book (time may vary slightly). For the areas around Bydalen we need you to pre-book at least one day in advance for us to be able to guarantee delivery desired day.

* Up to one week’s rent, depending on how much of it you have hired that you want to keep.